Monster Hunter's World Gets Bigger With Five Million Shipped

Monster Hunter: World is the first console release in a long while and the first to appear across multiple major platforms. This, along with some much-needed improvements on the Monster Hunter formula, has resulted in a rapid movement of units. Monster Hunter: World has shipped five million copies after releasing this past Friday, January 26. Due to this news, Capcom's stock has seen a 5% boost in Japan.

The Monster Hunter games have always been massive experiences that take a long while to sift through, but World may be the biggest yet. With that said, it's going to take some time to really dig in and get you a fully fleshed out review. The review will arrive soon but, for now, we have a plethora of Monster Hunter: World guides for you to check out as you dive into your hunting career.

ResetEra user Psycho_Mantis spotted the shift in the Capcom stock. I reached out to Shacknews CEO and investment guru, Asif Khan, for his Game Trader Hot Take:

Capcom’s stock (9697) traded up almost 5% in Japan on today’s news of massive Monster Hunter: World sales. The stock is already up 65% in the last year on the back of RE7’s success and it appears that the company is set for a solid 2018. I still believe that Capcom would be an attractive acquisition target for Sony or Nintendo, but today’s price jump will make that buy-out price even higher. Their market capitalization is still less than $3 billion, which would make a deal possible. Sony recently hosted the Capcom Cup at PSX 2017, and it appears that the two companies are enjoying some success with PS4 versions of Monster Hunter: World and the console-exclusive Street Fighter 5.

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