Xbox Live Party Chat App Is In Beta On Android, Coming Soon To iOS

Keeping in touch with your gaming buds has become increasingly easy, no matter what platform you play on these days. Discord is the popular kid on the block right now, but Microsoft is about to shake things up. Microsoft is testing out an Xbox party chat mobile app and it's currently available for Android, but iOS users will have an opportunity to try it out soon.

As detailed on The Verge, the app lets you voice chat on Xbox Live much like the Discord mobile app does. Despite their similarities, it's not likely that the Xbox Live app will take away from Discord users in a big way. Discord has features that cater to massive communities and allows players to switch between different groups as well. For those that mainly use Xbox Live, though, this is going to be a wonderful way to keep the conversations going with their crew.

If you're on Android, the application is available right now. If you're on iOS, you can fill out a form here and you'll be notified if you're accepted into the beta for the Xbox App. If you don't hear back within 30 days, the form asks that you apply again.

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