Far Cry 5 Walkthrough Video Trumps Any Extremist Gameplay Yet

Far Cry 5 is all about hunting extremists hunkering down for an Armageddon they see coming. As a rookie member of law enforcement, you need to stop them. So watch a new walkthrough video of two members of the dev team bringing along their trusty weapon-retrieving dog, polishing up their big-rig driving and piloting skills, and making the lives of the egomanic-worshipping cultists a lot more difficult.

The video is a narrated version of the demo shown at E3 this year. Associate Producer Phillippe Fournier and scriptwriter Marri Knadle walk us through Hope County, Montana, as a rookie deputy trying to stop religious zealots from making a mess of the countryside through murder and terror. One of the first things we see is a pet dog that is described as a "fang for hire." Players can hire companions to assist them during their missions, and this mutt named Boomer proves to be fairly useful. He can retrieve guns for you, growl to warn of impending danger, and even provide a distraction against enemies while you circle around to cover or get the drop on a bad guy. 

At E3, we had seen another possible hire in Nick Rye, who is mentioned in this video as well, except instead of hiring him, we just see him as an NPC with an airplane we can use to bomb targets and dogfight. Although how Rye's hydroplane can out-maneuver and outgun what appears to be a refurbished WW2 fighter against an elite Chosen militiaman seems a bit of a stretch.

The walkthough also shows how the player can use various vehicles for extra armor against weapons, a battering ram against roadblocks and even weapons themselves. There is even a segment where you can take to the air for some dogfighting. It also shows off some relaxation time, since Montana country is great for fishing. Just pick up a pole and instantly you become a master angler.

Fournier said that Far Cry 5 is larger than any Far Cry game before it, and can be explored in any direction right from the start. The demo takes place in an area called Holland Valley, which is just a small part of the entire Hope County area.

For the record, Ubisoft is saying that the U.S. setting and facing off against a religious right-wing militia that fanatically follows a narcissistic sociopath is not meant to be political commentary. So thank god for that. Any similarities to the current state of affairs in this country are entirely coincidental, so go punch a cultist and #DoItForShacknews when Far Cry 5 launches on February 27 for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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