PlayStation Twitter Hacked, PSN Database Possibly Compromised

While Microsoft was busy announcing the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition Pre-orders to kick off Gamescom 2017, it looks like Sony is going to have to put out a social network fire. Originally spotted by the RPGSite twitter account, Sony's official PlayStation twitter seems to be under the control of OurMine. This tweet contains a screenshot of the tweet that speaks of a potential breach:

OurMine is the same group that took ownership of a Pokemon Go server crash is July of last year. The person in control deleted that initial tweet but tweeted twice since. 

Both tweets have been deleted so it is possible Sony has regained control of the account. Courtesy of another tweeter's diligence, it looks like the group claiming responsibility won't be leaking the information if there was, indeed, a leak. Seems like they're looking for work:

PlayStation's facebook account has been compromised as well. We'll update as more information is made available.

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