Splatoon 2 May Ban Repeat Quitters From Online Multiplayer

Rage quitters are a blight on online gaming, and pejorative penalties for said individuals are welcome. If a screenshot from the Splatoon 2 beta is accurate, Nintendo pans to keep a close eye on possible cretins that regularly drop early.

Splatoon 2 held its beta this past weekend and players that left early from matches, either through disconnects or actual rage quits were greeted with a rather stern warning (via The Escapist):

The wording makes it sound like you will get a pass a few times before Nintendo would actually drop the banhammer on an account, but the good news is that the company is watching online play and want to ensure a good experience for everyone to eliminate poor sportsmanship.

Splatoon 2 is coming out on July 21 for the Nintendo Switch, and will offer a SplatNet app to track online stats. You have to wonder if it will actually track dropped games. Check out the Splatoon 2 single-player campaign that we saw while at E3.

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