Nintendo President on Monetization of Mobile Games - 'All depends on IP'

Nintendo’s 77th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders was held today in Kyoto, Japan. The companies board of directors and key personnel were all in attendance to provide an update about the company's progress. There was not a whole lot of new financial information provided during the first part of the meeting, but some very interesting topics came up during the question and answer session. 

Shareholder: Monetization differs depending on the game. What methods are you progressing forward with?

Kimishima: We have 3 games (Miitomo/FE/Mario) with different methods. Looking into what works. Mario had 150 million downloads but under 10% monetize. This isn’t bad. Mario downloaded in 200+ countries, some where it’s not officially available. Fire Emblem download count is 1/10th of Mario but has more revenue. All depends on IP; each has different needs.

Super Mario Run's $10 price tag to unlock the full game was panned by many gamers. Despite an amazing 150 million downloads across Android and iOS for Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes has been able to pull in more revenue with only one tenth the install base of Mario's first mobile game. Kimishima-san says that monetization in mobile games is being looked at on a case by case basis. It will be interesting to see which direction Nintendo will chose to go in for the monetization of their upcoming Zelda and Animal Crossing mobile games.

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Thanks to NintendoEverything.com for the great transcription of the meeting!

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