E3 2017: Quake Movement 'Always Felt Better' Than Unreal Tournament, Bleszinski Says

Cliff Bleszinki of Boss Key Productions is talking all about LawBreakers during E3 2017, but during a rather candid moment during a Shacknews video interview, he said that he felt his entire career has been a rivalry with id software.

The exchange was prompted when Bleszinski said LawBreakers would be released on August 8, prompting our Asif Khan to mention that would be right before QuakeCon. Bleszinski joked that he would drive a semi up to the convention center with PCs loaded with LawBreakers and troll the con. He said that back in the day it was all about competition with id between Quake and Unreal Tournament. "I think we ultimately sold more," he said.

But taking it a step further, "Quake's movement always felt better," he said, "so I went in and studied why it felt better." He said it goes back to classic code taken for Team Fortress 2. He said that movement in UT was binary, full speed or stop. In TF2 and Quake, there is an acceleration, and when you stop there is a deceleration, and when gravity is applied you get "a buttery smooth experience." He went on to explain that he worked with the programmers to try to get that smooth experience translated into LawBreakers' gravity-defying gameplay.

"This is the little sh*t that separates good from great in an FPS," he said.

For the actual exchange, check out the interview beginning around the 23:20 mark.

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