From the official Rune website comes the word that Human Head's 3rd person Unreal engine powered action game Rune has gone gold and will hit shelves at the end of October.

Rune transports gamers into the Dark Ages, when the Vikings were the conquerors of a cold, dismal world, and stark religion ruled all of the northern lands. Taking on the role of Ragnar, a rugged young Viking warrior, players are challenged to fight off creatures from Nordic mythology and uncover an evil perpetrator who is annihilating the Viking population. Rune utilizes an enhanced version of Epic Games' Unreal Tournament game engine and features amazingly life-like animations, in-game cinema sequences, a detailed weapon system, custom Artificial Intelligence and a unique combat system. In addition, the game features the RuneEd editor, an enhanced version of 'Unreal Editor' which allows players to create their own enhanced levels and modifications for multiplayer and single player.

For a full feature list go to the Rune site.

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