Apple shows off dev-friendly back-end with EA and Epic games

Update: Corrected the name of Crytek's demo. Shacknews regrets the error.

E3 is next week, and that means it's Apple's time to shine with its annual WWDC conference. Today during the presentation, the company introduced iOS 8, along with a backend called "Metal" that allows developers to directly access the CPU and graphics processor.

As a proof of concept, the company showed Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare from EA, and The Collectibles from Crytek, both running on an iPad. Granted, it only showed PvZ as a cutscene, and this is far from a guarantee of an iPad port, but Apple boasted that it shows off the power of the platform.

Epic Games then took the stage to show a custom-created Zen Garden in Unreal Engine 4 (above) that it made using Metal. It included a tree with 5,000 petals, a koi pond with hundreds of fish, and interactive objects like the sand and a water fountain. It will be available for free on the App Store, once iOS 8 launches later this year.