Hyrule Warriors to feature multiple playable characters

Hyrule Warriors, Tecmo Koei's stab at a Zelda game, is coming to Japan this summer. A slew of new details were revealed recently as part of the build-up to its August release date, including some surprising hints at playable characters. According to Japanese magazine Famitsu, Zelda director Eiji Aonuma was surprised at the number of playable characters. We only know the identity of one so far: Impa, captain of the Royal Army, will use a longsword. The story focuses on soldier-in-training Link setting out to rescue Zelda, who has been kidnapped by an evil witch named Shia. A few screenshots show Link in armor, and a very unconventional-looking Zelda character rumored to be Shia. Functionally, it allows you to swap weapons to change your fighting style, and upgrade your weapons and characters, similar to Dynasty Warriors. Playing co-op lets one player claim the TV while the other uses the GamePad, so the two don't share a screen. Nintendo is expected to show Hyrule Warriors in a playable state at E3, where we're likely to learn more about the new characters and may hear a North American release date. For now, check out the screens.

Link clad in chainmail

A possible look at Shia

He seems angry