Lost Planet 3, Street Fighter 3, and MvC Origins safe from GameSpy shutdown

Companies are continuing to detail their plans for handling the GameSpy shutdown, and now it's Capcom's turn. Lost Planet 3, Street Fighter 3: Third Strike, and Marvel vs Capcom Origins will all be more-or-less fine, while others aren't quite so lucky.

According to the announcement, all three of those games have either already migrated or, in the case of Lost Planet 3, started its migration. The PC and PS3 versions of LP3 will have their stats and leaderboards reset, but other than that they should all escape unscathed.

Capcom doesn't have plans to migrate servers for Age of Booty and Flock!. However, you can still play them with limited functionality. Flock! will just be missing its online features like level editor sharing, while Age of Booty will require a LAN setup.