Pokemon Art Academy coming this fall to 3DS

Nintendo is giving its long-running Art Academy series a shot in the arm, by injecting it with some DNA from one of the company's most popular franchises. Pokemon Art Academy will teach budding artists how to paint, draw, and sketch Pokemon characters. It's coming to North America this fall.

Following the same approach as previous games, Art Academy will give players an easy guide with step-by-step instructions on painting and drawing techniques to make your masterpiece. You'll be able to try your hand at drawing 40 Pokemon, including Fennekin, Oshawott, Charizard, and of course, Pikachu. Then you'll be able to post your art to Miiverse, or save to the SD card to print it out.

“The Pokémon characters themselves are among the most endearing and enduring aspects of the Pokémon video games, with everyone having their own favorite,” said marketing VP Scott Moffitt, in the announcement. “Pokémon Art Academy lets fans deepen their connection with these iconic characters by providing detailed lessons teaching how to draw them on their Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 2DS in a straightforward and enjoyable way.”