Outlast 'Whistleblower' DLC coming next week

The spooky horror game Outlast will get its first downloadable content next week. Titled "Whistleblower," it will hit PC and PlayStation 4 on May 6 for $8.99. It promises another ill-advised trip to Mount Massive Asylum, and a story that shows events after the ones depicted in the game.

You'll take the role of Waylon Park, a software engineer at Mount Massive. Waylon is a family man, but finds himself unable to contact his wife and son while he's at the office, and something feels fishy about the whole affair. The fact that his office looks blood-soaked should be a clue. His actions set in motion the events that lead to the exposure of Mount Massive. The announcement sounds like at least part of the DLC will be an epilogue, since it references a "true final chapter." Check out the trailer for a look.