Virtuix Omni VR treadmill raises $3 million investment

VR is attracting a lot of attention--and money. While Virtuix, developer of the upcoming Omni VR treadmill, may not have been acquired by Facebook like Oculus, it's raised quite a bit of money from investors. The company announced $3 million of seed investment--far more than the $1.1 million they raised on Kickstarter.

The treadmill works in conjunction with VR headsets and allows gamers to, run, walk, jump, and move in a 360 degree virtual environment. Launching September for $499, it's an incredibly pricey accessory--but over 3000 people have already pre-ordered the device.

San Francisco-based Tekton Ventures is one of the key investors in the company. "We believe Virtuix's virtual reality technology will not only disrupt the immersive gaming landscape but will enable even more useful, personal and entertaining experiences in areas beyond gaming: training and simulation, fitness, medical, military," they said.