Titanfall: Expedition's War Games map will teach players how to wallrun

Expedition is the first map pack for Titanfall, due next month. One of the levels included in the upcoming premium DLC is War Games, based in a virtual world where Pilots compete in simulated environments of Angel City. A big focus for the new map is to encourage wall-running. Colored force fields are placed throughout the level and even feature arrows "to help guide players where we wanted them to run," Respawn Entertainment explained. Ultimately, they want to "help encourage players that haven't embraced this new way of traversing maps." Because War Games takes place in a simulator, the look is reminiscent of Tron. There will be areas of the map that will be "glitching out," according to the Titanfall website. These areas will serve as landmarks for players to remember. You can look through our gallery here:

Titanfall: Expedition - War Games