Plants vs Zombies becomes a 'choose your own adventure' book

PopCap is no stranger to Plants vs Zombies merchandising. The latest expansion of the PvZ world takes the series into books... the choose-your-own adventure kind. Plants vs Zombies: Plant Your Path for example, is an "honest-to-goodness choose your own adventure book" featuring over 20 different endings. A preview on Amazon reveals that the book stays relatively true to the game's premise: zombies attack your lawn, and you must decide which plants to use in order to fend off the undead horde. And in typical choose your adventure fashion, some choices inexplicably end in your sudden death. PopCap has a number of other PvZ books to read through, including an activity book and an "I Can Read" book for kids. To see the entire collection, visit the PopCap blog.

One of the potential endings