April Fools: Llama Simulator announced as Tropico spin-off

With Goat Simulator being the bee's knees, Kalypso Media has announced their own animal-simulation game. Llama Simulator is an official spin-off of the Tropico series. For the first time ever, players will be able to play as a Llama living on Tropico. You'll be able to customize your llama's fur colour, size, and tongue length. In addition, you can equip accessories, including hats, false beards, and leather jackets. Llama Simulator will let you explore Tropico as a llama, either as the llama or the llama-chaser. You'll even be able to play as Hector, El Presidente's favourite llama. A sandbox structure will let you play however you see fit, with no missions or campaign to structure the game. No date has been announced for the game, but look, here are some pictures:

Who needs goats?