Irrational Games says 'thank you' with three original songs from Burial at Sea

Burial at Sea marks the end of Irrational Games' work on the BioShock series. Nay, it marks the end of Irrational as we know it. The studio has been doing a number of send-offs, including the most recent "thank you": the release of three full-length songs from the BioShock expansion.

Music director Jim Bonney explained the offerings on the Irrational blog. The first, "Little Sisters' Song," is propaganda music that "would ease the minds of the citizens that little girls being taken from their families was really just another example of living the Objectivist's Dream!" You only hear the end of that track in the game, so having the complete version released online should be a treat for fans.

"The Pie Song" is an anti-establishment pseudo-folk song, a Rapture-version of a 50's folk revivalist tune. "Old Man Winter Jingle" rounds out the offering with a jazzy tune. You can listen to the songs on Soundcloud, or right here: