Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies is a standalone trip back to the original

Sega and Relic Entertainment have announced Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies, a standalone multiplayer game that takes players back to the setting of the original Company of Heroes. Launching in June, the game will be available for as low as $13, giving players a cheap way of entering the COH multiplayer community. All Company of Heroes 2 players can play across the game's 31 maps and 1000+ community maps in auto-match multiplayer, regardless of what content they own, even if they only buy the Western Front Armies. The US Forces and German Oberkommando West armies can be purchased individually for $13 each, or combined for $20. Each army has distinct tactical options, including new infantry, team weapons, vehicles, abilities, and upgrades. "We know how much fans love the setting of the original game and we have responded to their request to revisit the Western Front," Relic Entertainment's Greg Wilson said in the announcement.

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