Star Wars: The Old Republic 'Galactic Stronghold' expansion announced

BioWare has announced the next expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic, titled Galactic Strongholds, which will add customization options for decorating your personal pad. The official launch will be in August. Early access to the expansion will begin June 24, and is being offered in tiers based on when you subscribe.

The expansion will let you live on multiple planets and customize your apartments. To start you'll have options to set up on your faction's capital world, the gambling planet Nar Shaddaa, or both. Decorating your crib can get you Prestige score, which can rise you to the top of the Stronghold Directory. Aside from the benefits of living stylishly, having a stronghold will let you transport friends directly to it so you can kick back and socialize. Guilds will also be able to launch Flagships when the expansion officially releases, though that functionality won't be enabled for the early access.

Being a subscriber as of April 2, you'll get 500 Cartel Coins, and then another 1,000 if you're a subscriber as of May 11. If you are subscribed on May 11, you'll get into the early access on June 24, which will let you have a Nar Shaddaa stronghold with three rooms unlocked. You'll also get a stronghold label and character title out of it. Jumping in a little later will get you the stronghold, but without the three rooms unlocked. Preferred Status players, a distinction you can get by buying anything from the online store, will get early access on July 29.