Infamous: Second Son videos show off good and evil powers

The Infamous series is primarily about two things: superpowers, and the deep dichotomy of good and evil that resides within all mankind. Being a generally good person will get you more peaceful powers to neutralize opponents, while being a jerk will steer your powers more towards super-powered murder. Two new Infamous: Second Son gameplay videos show off this deep philosophical split. And also superpowers.

First we have the good, blue-tinted Delsin Rowe, helping old ladies cross the street (not really) and finding good foster homes for kittens (also not really). Then we have the evil, red-tinted Delsin, straight-up murdering henchmen (yes really) who may have had families and hopes and dreams and hobbies. Both videos have color commentary provided by Sony's community members, and it's in service of promoting the game, so bear with the breathless excitement as you watch the newest Conduit play with his bags of tricks.