Amazing Spider-Man 2 mobile game announced

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is getting a PC and console game from Beenox. But a big-budget movie is practically guaranteed to have a mobile tie-in as well, and Gameloft has announced that it's once again fielding those duties for the wall-crawler.

The mobile version will feature a free-roaming Manhattan like the first game, but the studio promises a larger and more detailed city this time around. It will center on a crime wave in New York, alongside more superpowered bouts against villains like Electro and Green Goblin. Other villains from Spidey's history will make an appearance as well, though the announcement doesn't mention who.

It's scheduled to hit iOS, Android, and Windows Phones sometime in April, likely late in the month to complement the May 2 launch of the movie. The first mobile game is still available for $6.99, so the second is also likely to be set at a premium price.