Dead or Alive 5: Core Fighters offering free character to celebrate one million downloads

The free-to-play version of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate has reached one million downloads, and Team Ninja will be releasing a bundle to mark the occasion. Jann Lee will be available free of charge starting next week, March 11, and lasting for three weeks. He normally costs $3.99.

The free-to-play offering is being expanded with Marie Rose and the Lorelei Stage available on March 25. Marie will cost $5.99, with $1.99 for additional costumes, while the Lorelei Stage will be free.

As the name implies, you can download the base game for free on the PlayStation Store. The free version comes with Ayane, Hayate, Kasumi, and Ryu Hayabusa. It's also cross-compatible with the full version of DoA5, letting you transfer titles, costumes, and story mode progress.