Lightning Returns dresses itself up with DLC costumes

Lightning Returns has been out for a couple of weeks, which means you have now officially missed your chance to download the Japanese voice-overs for free. The pack costs human dollars starting today, and comes alongside three more costumes. The Japanese voice pack and all three costume packs are priced at $3.99 apiece. The three costumes include the Ultimate Savior (above), Moogle Lover, and Divine Wear. Each includes its own garb, weapon, shield, and adornment. If you want all three costumes, you could get the "Premium Collection" pack for $9.99 to save a little money. Square is also offering a set of four themes on PlayStation 3 for $1.99, or themed Avatar items on Xbox 360 for $3.99. For more details on Lightning Returns, check out our review and a primer on tips before you play.

Lightning's 'Divine Wear' turns her into the Phantom of the Opera

Lightning... uh... glues a bunch of moogle dolls to a dress