Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut blasting onto PS4 and Xbox One in March

The transforming mecha-space ships of Strike Suit Zero are coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 shinier than ever this March in a revamped Director's Cut, developer Born Ready Games announced today. It's also planning to release this on PC, where the game first blasted off.

The $20 Director's Cut boasts "all-new" ship models, improved textures and lighting, and has "restructured" the campaign. It also includes the 'Raptor' DLC suit and 'Heroes of the Fleet' mission add-on DLC. Born Ready says it plans to release the Director's Cut on PC "in the coming months," but is unclear about whether it'll be an update or a separate release.

Born Ready had once planned to release Strike Suit Zero on Xbox 360 and PS3, but it now seems to be skipping them in favour of shiny newness. Here, have a trailer: