Ryse on sale at $40 as new multiplayer DLC nears

Ryse: Son of Rome may have been one of the big shiny exclusives at the heart of the Xbox One launch lineup but, well, it wasn't all that great. To stir up a little interest as it continues its DLC plans, Microsoft is running a week-long download sale bringing Ryse down to $39.99. It's also unveiled the second DLC pack, Mars' Chosen, which adds a new co-op Survival Mode. From Febuary 18 through February 24, the Games on Demand release of Ryse will be $39.99 in the Xbox Games Store, down from the regular $59.99. A boxed copy is still $50 on Amazon, so it's a fair price. Then, new Ryse-related discounts will come daily from February 25 to the 27th, leading up to the launch of the Mars' Chosen Pack on the 28th. Mars' Chosen will see you and a fellow gladiator pitted against waves of barbarian hordes, Microsoft explained in today's announcement. It also adds two new maps created for the mode, a Survival version of the map Courtyard, two new maps for Arena mode, and a Legionary skin. The new DLC will cost $8.99 by itself, or is included with the DLC season pass. There's still a lot more to come, as the pass covers four packs. More Survival maps are promised for future DLC.

Have a gander at the DLC's new Arena Mode maps