Weapon Shop de Omasse brings series to U.S. this month

As part of its Nintendo Direct announcements today, the company confirmed that it would be bringing the GUILD series to the U.S. for the first time with the release of Weapon Shop de Omasse, which is set to arrive in the Nintendo eShop later this month.

The game is the latest chapter in the GUILD series from developer Level-5, and combines role-playing tactics with a light-hearted sense of humor. Written by comedian Yoshiyuki Hirai, the game features a father and son who know their way around creating a good weapon. Players craft these tools and then proceed to test them out in rhythm gameplay-based stages. It's crucial that the weapons be made with the utmost quality because, otherwise, they won't get paid for their work.

Weapon Shop de Omasse will hammer its way to the eShop on February 20th.