Grand Theft Auto V celebrating Valentine's Day Massacre

Ah, February 14! When stores are crammed full of desperate men rushing around, grabbing red roses, red greetings cards, red balloons, and red cakes to celebrate Al Capone's infamous Saint Valentine's Day Massacre of 1929. Grand Theft Auto V is joining in the spirit of the season with a 1920s limousine and vintage clothing across both Story Mode and GTA Online, so we can all remember what February 14 is really about.

The 'Valentine's Day Massacre Special' update will launch this Friday, Rockstar explained in today's announcement. It'll add a tommy gun, the classy Albany Roosevelt limo, double-breasted suits and flapper dresses, masks, t-shirts, and a very stylish bob haircut for the ladies. Ten new jobs are coming to GTA Online too.

Rockstar says all the new goodies will only be attainable "for a limited time," however long that is. If you get them in time, though, you'll keep them forever.