Second opinion: Dustforce cleans up on consoles

More than two years ago, we reviewed Hitbox Team's Dustforce for PC, addressing its creative level design and challenging controls. Now, it's jumping onto consoles with a PS3 and Vita release already out, and an Xbox 360 version on its way.

The console release hasn't changed much, except being able to play with a controller right from the get-go. You play a custodian that's been called upon to eliminate bothersome dirt from stages, whether it's lingering on the ceiling, covering the walls or even covering some poor souls who were just looking over the house. Along with running over surfaces to clear them away of this dust, they can also swing about their mighty broom like a sword, eliminating mildew from a statuette overcome with evil.

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There are frustrations at first, like trying to reach seemingly out-of-reach platforms. However, the level designs are meant to challenge players, not infuriate them. One item missing from the original PC release is a level editor. In its place is a new online multiplayer component, where up to four people can work together to "clean sweep" over their friends. There are two modes, each with different qualities.

First up is a survival mode where up to four players battle in an enclosed area. With players performing melee attacks in such a confined area, it can feel overly frantic at times. The other mode, King of the Hill, offers a more tactical experience. There's less of a focus on enclosed fighting in favor of taking over five control points on a map. The first player to do so wins. This mode has more depth, and offers players much more room to run. Anyone can catch up and take the match, which keeps players on their toes at all times. Although the missing level editor may be a sore spot for some, the multiplayer modes are an adequate substitute.

Capcom was wise to pick up Hitbox's Dustforce for consoles, as it fits well within the rest of company's lineup. For players that missed the original PC release, Dustforce is a demanding, yet satisfying, download. It's still time to clean house.

This review is based on downloadable PS3 code provided by the publisher. Dustforce is now available on PC, PS3, and PS Vita for $9.99. The game will also be available on Xbox 360. The game is rated T.