OMG HD Zombies shambling onto PC next week

Ooh, those zombies are a nuisance to clean up aren't they! As slow as they are, needing to shoot them in the brain is such a bother. If only they would explode violently, sparking a chain reaction amongst nearby walking corpses too. Action-puzzler OMG Zombies certainly understands that, and soon we may too, as developer Laughing Jackal is bringing the HD version from Vita to PC next week.

While your little riot cop chap does have a gun, scarcity of ammo means OMG Zombies is more of a puzzler, relying on causing terrible chain reactions to wipe out hordes. Why do they explode, and explode others? Because of a parasitic fungus, and reasons. Also, sometimes because of explosive barrels.

Boasting 100 levels and 100 upgrades, OMG HD Zombies is coming to PC via Steam at $4.99. The game originally began life on PSP as OMG-Z in 2011, before being HD-ified for Vita.