Double Dragon: Neon now pummeling Steam

After taking out the trash on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network a while back, the Lee brothers have returned to clean house on Steam. Midnight City has yesterday launched Double Dragon: Neon for PC via Steam, for $9.99. Players will fight through everything from neon streets to space stations on a mission to rescue the kidnapped Marian from the vile Skullmageddon.

The game not only provides a nostalgic look back at Taito's classic fighting series, but also introduces a spin straight out of the 80's, from badly dressed bad guys to a soundtrack composed by Jake 'Virt' Kaufman. The game has co-op support, both local and online, so up to two players can take part in the pummeling. For good measure, team tactics can also be used in the game, such as unleashing special attacks or high-fiving to give health back to their ailing partner.

Double Dragon: Neon can be downloaded here through Steam. It's nostalgic enough to make you almost want to get a Flock of Seagulls haircut. Almost.