Dogfighting FPS Strike Vector blasts off next week

Next Tuesday will be special for me. I shan't be lounging around in a half-unbuttoned pair of jeans, sipping gin from a tin mug and pushing my cat away. No, I'll be zipping around derelict floating cities and industrial plants in a VTOL jetfighter, blowing the heck out of people who are also doing productive things with their lives, as that's when Strike Vector will launch.

Developer Ragequit Corporation describes it as a "hardcore" arena FPS inspired by the likes of Quake III. It's impressively the work of only nine people over 15 months.

Word of the release date comes via Eurogamer, who also reports it'll cost the unusual price of $24.90 (perhaps a currency exchange quirk, as Ragequit is French). That's all you'll ever need to pay, mind, as Ragequit plans to release new maps, modes, and "surprises" for free. Here's a peek at the game during beta: