Call of Cthulhu coming from Sherlock Holmes dev

Frogwares has dabbled in the Cthulhu mythos with Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened and Magrunner, and just can't seem to get Lovecraft's tales out of its head. At night, the team find themselves in the same dream, atop of a blasted moor beneath impossible skies, ears filled with alien screams. So they're tackling it head-on, going all out with Call of Cthulhu for PC and next-gen consoles. Focus Home casually made the announcement on Twitter (via Eurogamer). All it offered was the game's name, its platforms, the developer, and a handful of concept art, so it's all appropriately something of a mystery. The genre is unknown, and possibly even unknowable, amorphous, flowing freely, creeping, oozing, chattering, wailing. Frogwares has roots in adventure games, best known for its Sherlock Holmes games, but Magrunner was a puzzle-platformer so who knows what could rise next?

Five pieces of announcement art