Broken Age has hidden 'Retro Mode'

Broken Age is a decidedly retro take on adventure games, but those of us who remember the salad days of the genre may still lament how crisp and new it looks. Why, in our day, a character's face was 25% blocky pixels and 75% imagination! Double Fine understands you, grizzled weirdo, and has included a hidden way of approximating that in the game.

A video from a fan (via Kotaku) shows how to do it. You simply have to lower the resolution to the bottom of the scale, and then look in the key mapping to assign something to the new character icon that appears. Then once you're in the game, you can hit that key to put a pixelated filter over the scene. Even if you raise the resolution back up after that point, you'll still be able to use the mapped key to make everything look geometric again.

Right now only backers can try out the trick, but presumably it will still work when the game launches for everybody on January 28.