Kodoku trailer teases horror for PS4 and Vita

It quietly entered our world in November, barely noticed. It waited. Now its ready to show just a hint of itself to its world, to us, to creep into our thoughts and rattle around our brains. Heavens no, this is no Slenderman or Amnesiachap, merely a video game! Creator Carnivore Studios has revealed a little of Kodoku, its "horror and exploration game" for PlayStation 4 and Vita.

Kodoku has you sneaking around an island haunted by all manner of mythological Japanese nasties, Pocket Gamer reported when Carnivore nonchalantly told it of the game in November. Investigating the island's secrets, players will need to carefully evade the horrors by focusing their senses and using sorcery.

Kodoku is slated to launch between January and March of 2015. Check these screenshots, and peep this teaser trailer, which may not show gameplay but does highlight the tone it's shooting for.