Bully zombie mod bullies some undead

Ooh those flipping zombies get everywhere, they do. Why, just the other day I found one rummaging in my knicker drawer! And now they're in our sweet, innocent, lamb-like video games about childhood. A scandalous group of modders is working on a zombie mod for Rockstar's Bully, and yesterday released a new trailer showing off their work.

The trailer's described as "a visual demonstration of what we want to go for when it comes to the ingame environments," giving a peek at its post-apocalyptic vision for the town of Bullworth in Bully: Zombie Edition. And it has lots of shocking running around killing zombies. The team do plan to replace those weapons, by the way, as this shows some "very early work in progress."

Right now the mod's a free-roaming, zombie-murdering sandbox, but a proper storyline is planned. You can't download it yet, but hit the mod's Mod DB page to follow development.