RPG-sports game Inazuma Eleven coming to North America

The Japanese RPG/sports hybrid Inazuma Eleven is coming to North America, according to Nintendo. Though vague on just when it will hit, a release calendar shows it coming sometime in the first quarter of this year.

The calendar (via IGN) simply calls the game "Inazuma Eleven," though it's just the most recent in the series for Japanese audiences. The game is split into two parts: conversations and RPG battles in one, and stylus-controlled soccer matches in the other. It released in three versions in Japan and Europe: two simultaneously at first, and a third following later, that each tell variations on the same story. The calendar doesn't specify which version we're getting.

Level-5 conducted a survey in the middle of last year, asking which games fans would want localized. Inazuma Eleven was on the list, alongside more obscure titles like Fantasy Life and The Little Battlers. Inazuma must have shown enough interest to make the trip.