PlayStation 4 made up 20% of Twitch holiday streams

Integrating streaming into the PlayStation 4 has been a boon for Twitch. Sony announced today that between December 23 and January 3, the PS4 accounted for 20% of Twitch broadcasts, according to data complied by Twitch itself. Sony also noted that more than 1.7 million streams total have been broadcast, from the time the console launched through January 6.

All of the broadcasts total more than 55 million minutes, according to a press release, with an average of 40 minutes per streaming broadcaster. Almost 22 million spectate sessions have been viewed as well. Of course, these numbers could be somewhat inflated by people getting their PlayStation 4 systems and trying out the new functionality, so it's hard to tell how many users will stick with it.

While Twitch was originally announced as a launch feature for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Microsoft delayed the functionality on its own console shortly before launch. It aims to have it available sometime early this year. Once it gets up and running, Twitch will likely gain another burst of new users broadcasting their games.