Dish app brings live TV and DVR to PS3 and PS4

Dish subscribers will soon be able to use their PS3 and PS4 consoles to access live TV and DVR recordings. A new Dish app will be available in "the first half of 2014" for both Sony consoles, and promises to offer a "nearly identical" experience to Dish's Hopper-enabled Joey. The announcement comes one year after the company won Best of Show at last year's CES.

The Dish app will work in conjunction with Dish hardware, letting subscribers use their wireless network to access content. "Using a customer's home network, the Virtual Joey can connect wirelessly to the Hopper allowing for installation options where coaxial or Ethernet wiring may be difficult to access," the company explained in a press release.

Intriguingly, the PS3/PS4 app can be controlled not only via DualShock, but also through a standard Dish remote. The app will be demoed at CES later this week.