Killing Floor spin-off Calamity hits Ouya

Now that the Ouya has forever changed the face of gaming as we know it, you may find yourself wondering "So what am I to do with my Ouya now?" If you enjoy murdering monsters, here, dust off that Ouya and fire up Killing Floor: Calamity. Series creator Tripwire today released a top-down spin-off of its survival FPS, exclusively on Ouya, of all places.

Calamity flips Killing Floor's wave survival shooting 90 degrees, taking it top-down and making things more arcadey for two-player local co-op jollies. Think classes, think perks, think oodles of guns, think thousands of zombies. Dwarfs!? maker Toadman was tasked with development.

"We feel Ouya is leading the charge in disrupting the way in which games are both created and consumed today and, as our history suggests with our successes with both Red Orchestra and Killing Floor, we're not shy about embracing early, new digital distribution models," Tripwire VP Alan Wilson said in today's announcement. Disruptive!