Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare reveals Battlefield-y mode

Comparing a Plants vs. Zombies game to Battlefield is pretty darn weird and unexpected and confusing but hey, that's PvZ: Garden Warfare in a nutshell. PopCap today revealed the class-based multiplayer shooter's 'Gardens & Graveyards' mode, describing it as "a bit of a mix between of Battlefield's Rush and Conquest modes, intertwined with some tower defense elements similar to the original PvZ."

Gardens & Graveyards mode sees the zombies trying to take over a map in a set amount of time, capturing bases to shift their spawns up and progress through the level, producer Brian Lindley explained. It's intended for 24 players.

Garden Warfare is coming as a timed exclusive to Xbox One and Xbox 360 on February 18, and is confirmed for PC at some point too. It'll cost $30 on 360, while the One edition with two exclusive modes and Kinect doodads will be $40. At what price progress?

Here's Lindley to show off and explain highlights from one G&G match: