You can now create your own deathmatches and races in GTA Online

You can now create your own content for GTA Online. The latest update to Grand Theft Auto 5 adds the ability to create your own deathmatches and races--but Rockstar points out that the creation tools are still in "beta." Once the game is updated, you'll be able to access the "Creator" option from the Online tab of the pause menu. From there, you'll be able to create a new challenge from one of the following five modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Race, GTA Race, and Rally Race. There is a tutorial you can check out before you jump into full creation mode. In Deathmatch Creator, you first set a Trigger Location, which lets you determine where players will meet up to play your creation. You can set Weapon and Armor locations in addition to Spawn Points. You can also drop Props like containers and ramps, to change things up. Races work the same way, with players customizing the number of racers and the size of the starting grid. You'll only be able to make a Land Race at first, but once you successfully publish one, you'll also be able to create Sea and Air Races. Before publishing a Deathmatch or Race, you'll have to playtest your creation against computer-controlled characters, ensuring that your creation isn't broken before being uploaded. The best community-created content will be featured on Social Club and will be distinguished with a "Rockstar Verified" label.

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