Walking Dead: Season Two coming to Xbox 360 December 18

By Steve Watts, Dec 10, 2013 8:15am PST

As expected, next week appears to be the target for The Walking Dead: Season Two. A PC release date of December 17 was revealed last week, and we presumed it would hit consoles around the same time. Now we know for sure that it will be on Xbox 360 on December 18.

A list of upcoming games on Microsoft's Major Nelson blog lists the first episode's Xbox Live Arcade release date, and says it will cost $4.99. Given the trend of release days, that probably means the PlayStation 3 version will hit on December 17 as well, alongside the PC version--but Telltale hasn't given a date.

Telltale has, however, released a Vine (via Polygon) teasing the upcoming season. It shows Clementine holding a picture of the first season's protagonist, Lee.

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