GOG introduces 30-day refunds for wonky games

As delightful as digital distribution is, you're less likely to get your money back if a game's wonky than you would be with a physical disc. That old DRM-free rogue GOG has upped its customer-friendly practices with a new money-back guarantee, letting customers get a refund within 30 days of buying a game if they can't get it to run properly.

The guarantee's good for people who find "technical problems or game-breaking bugs that prevent you from finishing your game," GOG explains in an FAQ. If you meet the game's system requirements and have tried every solution GOG's customer support offers but it still won't go, you can get your money back.

The guarantee launched today, but also applies retroactively to games bought in the last 30 days.

Refund systems can be abused, of course, so GOG warns not to take the mickey. "How many games can you ask for money back? We're humans here, so there's no hard numbers. If it seems like you're exploiting us, we'll let you know and tell you that this will be your final refund offer from us."