Walking Dead: Season Two teases another familiar face

Telltale Games drip-fed another tidbit of The Walking Dead: Season Two news over the holiday weekend, teasing another returning character and giving a title for the first episode. The episode will be called "All That Remains," and season one spoilers regarding the character's return follow. A screenshot released on Twitter shows Clementine, who is taking over as the player character in S2, meeting up with Omid. He and Christa were separated from Lee in the final episode of last season, but not before Lee had the option to tell them to take care of Clem. Meeting up implies that she still has someone looking out for her, though that almost certainly means something awful is going to happen. The tweet also reassured that the first episode will release this month, following an earlier promise that season two would kick off this year.

Omid looks downright cheerful as usual