Thief 'Basso's Gamble' trailer sets the stage for Garrett

Garrett certainly isn't the first anti-hero in video games, but each one that goes that route needs to choose how it will make its protagonist likable. In the grim world of Thief, it appears Eidos Montreal is opting for the route of making the world and everyone in it so terrible and beyond redemption that a little light pilfering is downright virtuous by comparison.

At least, that's the impression we get from "Basso's Gamble," the first in a series of trailers detailing stories from the city's downtrodden citizens. Basso is a fellow (if less accomplished) thief who figures Garrett is the best chance the City has to get back on its feet. The trailer doesn't give any gameplay insights, but it sets a tone for next year's series revival.

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