Shadowrun Returns now on Linux

No true decker would be caught dead using Winblow$ or Appl€ products recreationally, so it's only fitting that Shadowrun Returns should come to Linux. It arrived yesterday alongside the cyberpunk-fantasy RPG's patch 1.1, which brings changes including reworking the Physical Adepts class's Chi abilities.

Also on the slate of changes you'll find bug fixes and oodles of new features for community campaign makers to play with, all detailed in the full release notes. If you already own the game on another platform, hey, congratulations, you have it for Linux too. Hack the planet.

As well as the Linux version of Shadowrun Returns, developer HareBrained Schemes has been working on the DLC campaign set in Berlin. It had planned to release that in October, but delayed it to expand it to around the size of the game's original campaign, Dead Man's Switch.