PlayStation App to launch on iOS and Android just ahead of PlayStation 4

Sony announced today that it will release the dedicated PlayStation App just ahead of the PlayStation 4 launch. The app, which enables second screen functionality for PS4, will release for free on November 13. That puts it right before the November 15 PS4 launch, but just in time for those who get early access from the Taco Bell promotion.

In addition to Vita, it will be available on iOS and Android devices. The app will let you access your profile, browse your Friends List and Trophies, send and receive messages, make PlayStation Store purchases, get news updates from Sony, and use the mobile device as a simple PS4 remote. While it's built to be a companion for the PS4, the messaging will work across PS3 and Vita too. You'll also get notifications of streams, but rather than watch them directly through the app, tapping will launch a browser to spectate the game.