CastleStorm invading PS3 and Vita in November

After a little hinting that CastleStorm would catapult onto more platforms, developer Zen Studios today announced it'll land November 5 on PlayStation 3. It's, oh, I don't know, some combination of castle-builder and physics-based castle-smasher and real-time strategy and beat 'em up.

CastleStorm has you design build your own castle, placing production facilities and weapons, then sets you out to smash your opponent's fortress through a combination of flinging stuff, sending out troops, and wading into the action yourself as a hero. On top of a single-player campaign, it has competitive and co-operative multiplayer modes.

It'll cost $9.99 and be a Cross-Buy title, so you only need buy it once, Zen confirmed.

If you've overlooked the game because it wasn't coming to your PlayPlatform, this'll explain it: