Madden NFL 25 'CoachGlass' coming to Xbox One

Madden NFL 25 is getting its own implementation of SmartGlass, with the addition of the "CoachGlass" feature in the upcoming Xbox One version. EA announced the feature today, and showed off a video detailing how it can be used by players of different skill levels.

The most user-friendly option lets you select plays based on the offense's personnel group, letting you pick from three plays that are recommended as reactions to that group. If you're a little more of a detail-oriented football fan, you can pay attention to their tendencies and select field regions to cover for recommended plays. Finally, if you're a well-polished Monday morning quarterback, you can just pay attention to your opponent's play history to get a feel for what he might be calling next, and react accordingly.

The CoachGlass feature will also facilitate asynchronous play, letting one player take to the mobile device as the defensive coordinator while the other handles the on-field action.